for life in motion™

What ARE barazzo bagS?

Barazzo® makes bags into wearable technology - multi-functionality, portable power, LED lighting, auto-updated digital clock, and all-in-one accessory - for life in motion™.



DESIGN: Clever and seamless integration of multifunctional bag with a detachable clutch, high quality materials and the special qualities of the power system (integrated patented charger)*

  • Smartphone app with blue tooth connectivity

  • Distance alarm

  • Find the phone feature

  • LED in bag light

  • Digital auto-set clock

  • Powers phone, tablets or laptops**

  • Charger timer - for extended power performance

  • Virus blocker for phones and other devices

  • Firewall - data protection for phones and other devices

  • Dual-charge device

PATENT PENDING DESIGN: Patent pending design with several pending trademark registrations

PATENTS: Patented integrated charger with a separate plug in port with LED’s (unlike any other charger on the market)

LIFESPAN: The separation of the battery from the electronics is the secret to longline 

COOL RUNNING: The sophistication of the computer system is why the battery system stays cool. Other bag makers with batteries are seeing 50% return rates due to heat.

SOCIAL COMPLIANCE & ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS: The battery is the only brand in the arena that has passed Social Compliance and Environmental Standards. Other battery brands use lead in their construction and it can’t be sold in several states or recycled. 

TESTING: Certifications to validate the battery testing, safety measures and warranties. 

*The details listed for the integrated patented charger are version 2.0

**The details listed for the integrated patented charger are version 1.0 & 2.0